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Completely Safe, All-Natural

CrampsAWAY contains all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, NO pharmaceuticals, and doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription. CrampsAWAY is completely safe and free of any banned substances.


Easy and Fast to Use

Taking CrampsAWAY is simple and fast: just open a packet, swish it in your mouth for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. The solution instantly stops your cramps by counteracting the signals triggering them. 

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NSF Certified for Sport

CrampsAWAY Pro is NSF Certified for Sport, so elite athletes can use it whenever needed. This gives them the assurance they are not putting anything foreign, unhealthy or illegal into their bodies. 

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Works great! Will buy again.

Ann N. - Verified Buyer

Easy to order and received very quickly!

Elaine D. - Verified Buyer

This product really works and it works quickly.

Sandra O. - Verified Buyer