CrampsAWAY Provides “Comic Relief” -- A 60-second swish eliminates young mother’s menstrual cramps

Following the births of each of her two children, former high-tech marketing professional Katrine Davie’s menstrual cramps became increasingly severe. Her cycle of pain followed a predictable pattern: The day before her menstrual period arrived, she experienced moderate abdominal discomfort. Then the following day, the onset of her menses brought intense, almost unbearable cramping. As her period progressed the cramps lessened, ultimately subsiding altogether on the last day.

            Davie, who left the corporate world to raise her two kids and work part-time as a family photographer, found that warm baths and exercise helped mitigate her menstrual symptoms. But with a pair of little ones to look after, finding the time to indulge in such activities was nearly impossible. “If I had the chance, I’d take an Ibuprofen and just try to sit and relax,” Davie said. “But mostly I’d just have to push through it all and keep going. When my period coincided with a photo shoot, where I’d be running after kids for an hour, it would not be a fun day.” 

            One evening, Davie and her husband were preparing to attend a comedy concert with another couple. When Davie sensed the impending arrival of the worst of her menstrual cramps, she nearly cancelled at the last minute. “I was dressed and ready to go. But I just couldn’t imagine sitting in uncomfortable seats, wearing jeans for two hours, when I knew I’d be in a lot of pain,” Davie said.

            When the female half of the couple suggested that Davie try CrampsAWAY, she initially had reservations. “I thought that the product was strictly for use by athletes, so I wasn’t sure if it would work for my menstrual cramps. But at that point I figured I’d try anything if it would help me get through the concert,” Davie said.

            With her friends watching, Davie swished CrampsAWAY in her mouth for approximately 60 seconds. She said the taste – now a tart citrus, similar to an orange SweeTART – was initially distracting. But even as she joked with her friends about the flavor, Davie experienced a revelation. “Within five minutes, it was pretty remarkable; my cramps were just gone. What’s more, they stayed away all evening. Without even thinking about it consciously, I realized that I actually felt great, even wearing snug jeans…and a night that I wasn’t looking forward to turned out to be wonderful.” 

            Davie has used CrampsAWAY to ease her menstrual cramps in subsequent months, and said she especially appreciates the fact that its patent-pending, all-natural solution is non-toxic and non-pharmaceutical. “Before I was taking Ibuprofen, and I hated having to put something like that into my body to mask the pain. It’s important to me that CrampsAWAY is all natural. I was pretty amazed by the results.”

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