Rapid Relief: Young mom’s debilitating menstrual cramps disappear in seconds with CrampsAWAY

In the past, the onset of Chenoa Tran’s menstrual period brought intense, debilitating cramps every single month. Though the discomfort was mild at the beginning, within a few hours Tran said that she was always doubled over in pain, “taking two 800 MG Ibuprofen tablets at a time to make it bearable.”

            Tran had experimented with over-the-counter menstrual pain relief medications, such as Midol and Pamprin. But their efficacy was short-lived, she said. “One month I’d try one of the meds, and then my body would sort of get used to that one and the cramps would come back, and then I’d try another one. I’ve taken all of them; every kind of pain reliever, and nothing worked for me for very long.” 

            A busy stay-at-home mom, Tran had little time to take warm baths or rest during the worst of her symptoms. “Mostly I’d just try to grin and bear it,” she said.

An unexpected confluence of events helped Tran find relief: A good friend told her about the immediate results she’d experienced by using the all-natural, patent-pending CrampsAWAY solution. Desperate to lessen the menstrual pain Tran knew would be coming soon, she was eager to give CrampsAWAY a try.

Per the instructions, Tran opened the small foil packet and swished the solution in her mouth, activating the receptors located there. Within 30 seconds, she knew something very different was happening. “It was definitely an interesting experience: My cheeks started to tingle…and suddenly I realized I didn’t have cramps anymore. I used a second dose the next day, and that was it; I didn’t need anything else during the rest of my cycle, which had never happened before,” Tran said.

The following month, when Tran could feel her next round of menstrual cramps coming on, she again turned to CrampsAWAY. Said Tran, “Within five minutes my cramps were completely gone, and they didn’t come back for the rest of my period. I was so happy to be free of cramps for the duration of my period, just by taking one packet of CrampsAWAY. I’m super-excited about this product. I think it will bring a lot of relief to women everywhere. Plus, it’s all-natural, so I don’t have to worry about using it long term.”