CrampsAWAY Pro: NSF Certified for Sport

If you're an athlete who's regularly drug tested, it pays to be 100% certain about the safety of everything that goes into your body. And one organization, NSF Labs, conducts rigorous tests on hundreds of products to give you that peace of mind. Not every product passes the tests, but those that do receive their 'Certified for Sport' label.  

CrampsAWAY Pro is one of those products. Made from all-natural ingredients, CrampsAWAY Pro offers serious athletes peace of mind they're not using something that violates any banned substance rules. It can stop muscle cramps instantly and even prevent cramps from happening if taken before competition. 

Pro tennis players face some of the most rigorous drug tests on the planet. So when they're confident, you know you can be too. Here's 12 year veteran player Tm Smyczek discussing why he trusts CrampsAWAY Pro.