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CrampsAWAY Pro 50 Pack
CrampsAWAY Pro 50 Pack

CrampsAWAY Pro 50 Pack

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  • THE ONLY INSTANT muscle cramp relief product available. Swish in mouth for 30 seconds and swallow for added cramp relief.
  • PREVENT CRAMPS TOO. If you’re an athlete and you’re worried you may cramp, take CrampsAWAY Pro before competition to help keep cramps at bay!
  • NSF CERTIFIED - All-Natural, safe ingredients. Not a drug. Used by pro and college athletes. 
  • EFFECTIVE. Whether you have a single cramp in your calf, hand, thigh, quad, or your entire body, CrampsAWAY Pro can treat it instantly. 
  • RISK-FREE OFFER. If CrampsAWAY doesn’t work, you get your money back. Remember, CrampsAWAY doesn’t mask pain, it completely eliminates it at the source. It’s not a drug.

“Since we began using CrampsAWAY as a preventative measure prior to games, we haven’t had any cramping issues at all.” - Chad Newman, University of Tennessee Assoc. Dir. of Sports Medicine

Considered a competitive advantage by athletic trainers in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and hockey in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, ATP, WTA and NCAA.  

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Best Product for Leg Cramps

I suffer from terrible leg cramps and have tried numerous products but nothing works as good as the CrampsAway Pro product. It actually starts to work immediately. However, It is very hard to get this product anywhere except the CrampsAway website or Tennis Express but it is now sold out. PLEASE BRING BACK THE CRAMPSAWAY PRO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

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