CrampsAWAY For Her FAQs

What is CrampsAWAY for Her?

CrampsAWAY For Her is an all-natural, food-grade liquid supplement that instantly stops menstrual cramps. CrampsAWAY For Her comes in convenient single-serve packets, perfect for anyone on-the-go. 

Is CrampsAWAY For Her safe?

Yes! CrampsAWAY contains all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, NO pharmaceuticals, and doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription. CrampsAWAY For Her is completely safe and free of any banned substances. It's safe to take while pregnant. It is safe to take multiple times a day, and at any time of the day. There's nothing in CrampsAWAY For Her that will make you sleepy or drowsy. It will not 'hype' you up. You can take it while you are working, driving, before any athletic event, etc. 

What are the ingredients in CrampsAWAY For Her?

The ingredients in CrampsAWAY For Her are: Organic Agave, CrampsAWAY Blend (natural food acids), water and natural flavor. 

How often can I use CrampsAWAY For Her?

CrampsAWAY may be used as often as needed to relieve menstrual cramps. In most cases, its effects last anywhere from 2-12 hours. Typically two packs should suffice to relieve your pain per cycle. 

How many calories are in CrampsAWAY?

One 1/4oz. packet of CrampsAWAY For Her has 15 calories.