Start with the fact that everything you probably thought you knew about cramping (hydration, electrolytes, etc.) is wrong! Think about athletes have trainers ensuring they have perfect hydration and electrolyte balancing, and they STILL cramp. Shouldn't that tell you something? Turns out medical professionals now believe that cramps are triggered by a faulty connection between the cramping muscle and the nervous system. 

After several years of research, CrampsAWAY’s team developed an all-natural formula that "resets" neuronal firing and inhibition, which leaves muscles in a contracted, or cramped position.To experience instant cramp relief, just open a packet of CrampsAWAY, swish it in your mouth for approximately 30-60 seconds, then swallow it. 

CrampsAWAY’s proprietary, patent-pending solution stimulates the neuro-receptors on the tongue and in the mouth to instantly inhibit the nerves that are causing muscle cramps. Additional neuro-receptors in the intestinal tract are further stimulated by swallowing CrampsAWAY, extending its effects for up to two hours. So by targeting the actual cause of cramping, instead of using fluids and electrolyte replacement products in an attempt to relieve it, CrampsAWAY offers an entirely new solution for cramp relief.