Magnesium Alternatives for Cramp Relief

  • In multiple scientific studies cramp sufferers who took magnesium pills experienced no measurable benefits vs those who took placebo pills 

  • Magnesium supplements take weeks to build up in the body

  • Most magnesium supplements recommend daily intake of up to 6 pills 

  • There are drug-free, natural cramp relief alternatives that work immediately

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

CrampsAWAY Sport 5 PackCrampsAWAY Sport 5 Pack

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Our team has studied the science of cramps for over a decade in order to find a solution that works quickly and effectively. During that time, we've researched and tried almost everything in order to develop the current formula behind CrampsAWAY. 

We are health nuts ourselves, and it's important to us that in addition to providing immediate cramp relief, we provide a drug-free product that contains only natural ingredients.

"Living in the Houston area, our heat and humidity are extreme to say the least. Sometimes all the hydrating in the world just isn’t enough to keep painful cramps at bay. It literally works instantly to stop cramps. Nothing short of amazing!"

Martha Roehrick

"Tried before sleeping after a tough day of workout. Many times I get cramps that wake me up. This time, nothing."

Phil Chang

"As an active person, I’ve always been really good about drinking tons of water and sports drinks, so I tried increasing my potassium intake. I got so sick of eating bananas, I couldn’t look at another one. And I still cramped while swimming; it was super-frustrating. I didn’t really know what to expect. But CrampsAWAY Sport was so effective! After about a minute my foot stopped cramping, and I was able to complete my laps."

Becky Stein


We're confident we produce and sell the very best cramp relief product available at any price, and we want you to share our confidence! That's why we back every sale with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you don't like the product, if it just doesn't work for you, return it. Within 30 days of receipt, products purchased from us may be returned for any reason. (We don't refund shipping costs unless items are defective).