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Crampsaway for her: 'conquer le cramp'


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What Women Are Saying about CrampsAWAY For Her

"Because literally in a minute it was gone."

Chenoa Tran

"I tried...and it was amazing."

What you need to know about crampsaway for her

Safe and All-Natural

CrampsAWAY For Her is not a drug! It doesn't mask cramp pain like Ibuprofen. CrampsAWAY For Her gets rid of the pain entirely. Just swish and swallow. 

How To Use It

Convenient and Fast

CrampsAWAY For Her packets offer big relief in a small, discreet package. They easily fit in your purse, clutch or gym bag. See FAQs for ingredients. 


Doctor Recommended

Interested in hearing what a doctor has to say? In this video, Dr. David Clarke explains how CrampsAWAY For Her is different from traditional pain killers. 

How It's Different

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Within a minute, my cramps were completely gone. 

Chenoa Tran

I thought for a second...am I kidding myself, because literally, in like a minute, it was gone.

Dominique Herrin

The first time I took it, I almost didn't realize how quickly it worked.

Katrine Davie

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