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How does CrampsAWAY work?

Many people have found that eating a banana, drinking more water, or increasing electrolytes don't provide consistent cramp prevention or relief. CrampsAWAY’s team believes that cramps actually occur due to an imbalance between neuronal firing and inhibition, which leaves muscles in a contracted, or “cramped” position. We offer an entirely new, patented solution for cramp relief and stand behind its effectiveness with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Use for Nighttime

Tried before sleeping after a tough day of workout. Many times I get cramps that wake me up. This time, nothing.

-Phil Chang

Use for Sports

Living in the Houston area, our heat and humidity are extreme to say the least. Sometimes all the hydrating in the world just isn’t enough to keep painful cramps at bay. It literally works instantly to stop cramps. Nothing short of amazing!

-Martha Roehrick