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How to Prevent a Muscle Cramp

My first experience with CrampsAWAY came when I used it in the New York City marathon. I felt a cramp coming on, and so I immediately ripped open the packet I had, swished and swallowed, and felt the cramp disappear. It's great it worked like that, but what I've learned since that time is that you can actually use CrampsAWAY prior to competition and have it help prevent a cramp in the first place. 

I first heard about this from some of the Athletic Trainers at colleges that use CrampsAWAY. They had athletes (basketball players in most cases) who cramped on a regular, almost predictable, basis, especially towards the end of games. So they would intentionally give those players a packet of CrampsAWAY before the game and then one more at halftime. The ATs told us this lead to far fewer incidences of cramping. Good to know!

If you or any athletes you work with are known muscle crampers, definitely consider giving them the product prior to, and perhaps even during competition (halftime for instance). 


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