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Former NCAA Tennis Star Aces Cramps With CrampsAWAY

As a former NCAA National Tennis Champion, and a former University of Georgia All-American, Stephen Enochs has won more than his share of challenging matches. But when he made it to the finals of a crucial summertime competition, Enochs faced an opponent that threatened to take him down – heat, and the crippling muscle cramps that often accompany it.

Now 50, the Marietta-based investment advisor says high temperatures have often been his nemesis in the past. “As a kid, I never had any problem with playing in hot weather. But as I’ve gotten older, I just can’t take the heat anymore; ever since I turned 40, I’ve been cramping like crazy during long, hot matches,” he confirms.

Enochs suspected that his propensity to perspire profusely during play was the culprit. He made every possible attempt to replace lost fluids, making sure he was hydrating frequently and replacing lost electrolytes. But the cramping continued. “I do perspire more than anyone I know,” he admits, laughing. “I always take really good care of my nutrition and hydration levels before and during matches. But it didn’t seem to make any difference; by the end of a match, I’d still be seizing up.”

When Enochs made it to the finals of the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) city tournament – in mid-August, when Georgia’s heat and humidity are especially cruel – he wasn’t surprised when his muscles started constricting.  On his way home for lunch between matches, he was in such bad shape that he feared he would lose control of his car. Says Enochs, “I was cramping everywhere; I wasn’t sure I could make it home.”

While quaffing fluids and electrolyte replacement gels, Enochs called a teammate and asked for a ride back to the courts. “I was freaking out,” he recalls. “Our team had won this tournament for 16 years in a row; I didn’t want them to finally lose because of me! I called my friend and told him I couldn’t hold a fork and could barely drive, much less play another match. Fortunately, he arrived at my house with a packet of CrampsAWAY PRO.”

As instructed, Enochs swished and swallowed the all-natural, high-concentration solution. “Within minutes, my cramps just went away,” Enochs says. “I was able to play – and win – my match, which was amazing, considering how I felt before. The best part was, the cramps didn’t come back that night; I felt great.

“I know this product is going to spread throughout the tennis community,” Enochs adds. “Everyone’s always looking for that competitive edge. CrampsAWAY PRO is fantastic; I’m definitely a fan.”

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