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CrampsAWAY Teams Up with LRT Sports

There's nothing more valuable than honest feedback- whether you're launching a new product or making an important life decision. At CrampsAWAY we value what we hear from all our customers, whether they're an individual athlete or a professional sports team.

LRT Sports takes that process one step further by making honest feedback the core focus of their entire business. LRT gives current and former collegiate athletes the ability to share ratings and reviews of schools and coaches with whom they've had first-hand experience. This can be an invaluable tool for fellow college athletes or for high school athletes in the midst of the recruitment process. 

Beyond their ratings and reviews, LRT Sports also organizes workshops at high schools across the country to help students prepare themselves for one of the biggest decisions they'll make in their young lives. 

As a company with a number of former college athletes on our own team, CrampsAWAY is proud to partner with such a forward-thinking business like LRT Sports. We look forward to working with them going forward.    

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