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How to Avoid Night Cramps and Sleep Well

If you're like most of us, the quality of your sleep makes a huge difference in how you feel and perform every day. Studies show that if you sleep one and a half hours less than you normally do, it can adversely affect your alertness, memory and stress levels (among other things). 

Another factor that affects the quality of sleep with millions of people are night cramps- those involuntary muscle contractions that happen in your calves (although some folks get them in their feet or thighs). Stretching can help, but there are solutions that can even help prevent them in the first place. 

CrampsAWAY is one of those solutions. It's an all-natural liquid that can prevent a cramp from happening, or even instantly stop cramps that have already started.

Let's first look at how it works with cramps that have already started, in your calf for instance. That muscle is sending a signal to the spinal cord, resulting in a sudden, rapid output of electrical activity from the spinal cord to the calf. That surge of electrical activity is what causes the muscle to cramp. How do you stop a cramp? Simply put, you block the sudden outpouring of electrical activity.

New evidence points to sensory receptors in the mouth (and stomach), which, when stimulated by certain substances, will block this electrical surge from the spinal cord. This response to the receptor stimulation is so fast that it can only be attributed to a neurological event.

When you swish CrampsAWAY in your mouth for 30 seconds and then swallow, its active ingredient helps to block the outpouring of electrical activity. 

Now, let's look at how CrampsAWAY can work to prevent cramps from happening in the first place. If taken before you head to sleep, you are beginning that blocking process and preempting the cramps from happening in the first place. It's as simple as that. 

So if you suffer from night cramps, try CrampsAWAY to see if it will help you get that full night's sleep you need to be your best. 

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