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Pro Soccer Athletic Trainer Paulie Rushing Discusses CrampsAWAY

Over the past four seasons, the Philadelphia Union have been one of the more consistent teams in Major League Soccer. They won the Supporter’s Shield in 2020 and reached the Conference Finals last season. Head Coach Jim Curtin regularly credits his staff for playing a big part in that success, and the team’s Head Athletic Trainer, Paulie Rushing, is a key member of that team. 

Rushing has been using CrampsAWAY with Union players for about five years now and is a big believer in the product. We spoke with him recently during the off-season, and he discussed how CrampsAWAY has helped with his team and when and how he uses it. 

Key Takeaways

“We take a packet before the game, at halftime, and then if anyone has any issues we run one out to them then.”

“Crazily enough, we didn’t have any [muscle cramping] problems throughout that whole tournament. We made it to the semi-finals.”

“We play games in Mexico and Costa Rica, and their players go down even though it’s their home, but ours don’t. It’s a tribute to the product.” 

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