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"I took CrampsAWAY and miraculously I was able to play the next match!" - Gigi Fernandez

If you hope to 'stay active in retirement' there's no one better to model yourself after than Tennis Hall of Famer Gigi Fernandez. The former #1 doubles player and 17-time Grand Slam winner remains active on and off-court across the globe, whether it's teaching lessons, playing competitively or promoting the game she loves. 

So when she heard about CrampsAWAY, she was eager to see if it could help her with her intense playing schedule. 

"I played 2 matches at Florida sectionals in 100 degree and 100% humidity this weekend. I’m still recovering 😂 but after the first match I thought I was done. I took CrampsAWAY and miraculously I was able to play the next match," said the former Olympic Gold Medalist.

Gigi has become such a believer in the product that she now shares it with the thousands of players she instructs at her camps and clinics across the globe, year-round. 

We're glad you've become a believer Gigi, and we look forward to working together!

Learn more about Gigi and the Gigi-Method at gigifernandeztennis.com



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