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SoCal Senior Finds Night Cramp Relief Solution

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For years, Marylena Theodore has suffered the agony of nocturnal leg-cramps. Awakening her from a deep sleep sometimes two or three times nightly, the 73-year-old’s muscles – most often in her left leg and toes – contract violently and painfully. Her search for a remedy led her to take magnesium and other supplements. But still, the cramps persisted, interrupting her sleep-cycle. Worse still, her evening spasms typically resulted in lingering discomfort the next day.

“It was terrible,” she confirms. “I’d cramp up every night, not just once, but several times. The muscles of my calves would get all twisted, almost like they were going to stay that way permanently. So then I’d be sore all the next day…and then it would start over again when I finally fell asleep at night. I tried everything I could find, but nothing seemed to help.”

Then Theodore’s husband – a sports fan – saw a magazine ad for CrampsAWAY, the all-natural, non-pharmaceutical solution that relieves exercise-induced muscle cramps in less than 60 seconds. As soon as the pair took a look at the ad, they immediately went online and ordered several packets of CrampsAWAY. When Theodore next felt night-time leg cramps coming on, she swished and swallowed the product as directed.

“I tell you, CrampsAWAY is a godsend! It’s the best thing I’ve ever tried for my leg-cramps. It worked instantly…and the best thing is, since I’ve been using the product, I don’t get the cramps nearly as often. My husband even remarked that I didn’t cramp up for three or four nights after I used the first packet. It’s so wonderful now, to wake up and realize ‘oh God, I didn’t have any cramps last night!’”

These days, Theodore always keeps a supply of CrampsAWAY on her nightstand, and a spare packet in her purse. “I used to worry about getting leg-cramps during the day, but with CrampsAWAY Sport I don’t anymore,” she says. “I tell everyone about the product now; I know how bad it is to hurt like that, and if I can help anyone feel better, I would love to. I would definitely recommend CrampsAWAY Sport to everyone who’s suffering from any muscle cramps.”

7 or 30 Day Trial at Reduced Price

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